Initial Cleaning

For your First Regular Cleaning, the team will be there a bit longer than any other Regular Cleaning because they are going to do a very thorough cleaning of the entire home. This means that they will wipe down, but not scrub, all of the doors, door frames, baseboards, and light switches along with the usual scrubbing of bathrooms, kitchen and detailed cleaning of the floor.

This type of cleaning is done for your very first cleaning and is in between a Regular Cleaning and a Deep Cleaning.

They will do this so that they can then simply maintain the house clean by dusting those areas in later cleanings to better focus on scrubbing the bathrooms, kitchens and cleaning the floor. The reason we use a focused approach is so that it can lower the price of your Regular Cleanings. A home normally does not need to be scrubbed from top to bottom every time the maids do a Regular Cleaning and we do not wish to add unnecessary charges for unnecessary tasks.